13 May 2013

(I) NSD: Scrapbook yourself

So I did some more things for International scrapbooking day, but never got them posted, but here is couple, in induvidual posts, since I had done most of the journling already...

I scrapbook a lot about myself so it was not very hard for me to go with this challenge from Shimelle. But instead of using a photo of myself I often use photos of things that means something special to me, and I did that here too.

I love purses... I very rarly go somewhere without my purse. My brother used to tease me about this when we were young and ask when I would put up my own shop... So at one point I took this photo and it has been lying around for a long time, so this was a perfect match for this challenge.

The photo wasn't very exiting with all these black and brown purses, so I was wondering how I was going to do this. I choose the cardstock for the backcrond and then the butterfly paper that went well with it's toned down colours but still brought in some colour. To divid it from the background I put a strip of black cardstock behind it. I chose this "old letter" tag to hold the title. I have had this piece of paper for ever and haven't had a clue what to use it for so I was really glad I finally found a place for it. And I think it looks nice.

I matted the photo and the title card with dark grey cardstock to make them stand out a bit. The next issue was getting the journaling in, but I found a salution for that too. This really isn't my typical layout colourvise, I usually use brighter colours, but I like this one too.

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