16 April 2013

Project life: Monica march

I have had my personal PL done for more than a week, I just haven´t gotten around to take any photos of it before.

This month I used a buisness card holder, but I had to trim it down at the top and the bottom, since it was to tall for my 8 1/2"x11" AC album. I really took an effort to not overdo it, not too much colour and things, and yet I think that it just became too much when I put it all together. But it´s ok. What I can take with me is to only use really light backgrounds.

Every week I write a post in swedish about how far spring has come. We´re some swedish gardenblogger who do this ever week, to help each other keep the spirits up!
It´s 30 yrs since I became a mother!
And the last Twilight saga movie came out on DVD. It´s good but I didn´t mourn the end like I did when the Harry Potter series ended.

The Host FINALLY came to the cinemas and I. HAD. THE. FLU!! How sad was that?! I still haven´t seen it thanks to my coughing...

My subscription of Creating Keepsakes ended and I decided not to renew it. It really isn´t that good anymore and since I got my iphone I have all the best inspiration with me all the time. So when my cellphone company let me choose between upgrading to an iphone5 or get a tablet computer, it was just perfect, now I don´t even have to sacrifice the size!

My youngest daughter is really inspired by my PL and wants to do her own, that is so much fun!! This is really addictive! I have a lot of thoughts on the matter, but they will have to wait.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy springtime!

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Monnah said...

Jag förstår att det är beroendeframkallande att sköta sitt dagboksskrivande på det där sättet. Och snyggt blir det!