28 March 2013

Project life: Monica

I have so much fun doing my personal project life, but looking back I can't help but wondering why I always end up using so much colour when all the pages I most like is the ones with much light and neutral colours. Is it just out of habbit or what?!

Here's my page for February.

I started with the two photos, one of a sunny day, taking the photo with the sun hidden behind a tree and the other one taken an early morning with no extra light, showing that the light really was coming back, since it was no longer completly dark when I got up at 6am. Both of the photos had very little colour with blue as the only colour besides black and white and I wanted to emphesise the blue and found this old Daisy day paper that matched perfectly. I could have used white for the other pockets but wanted a little more colour... So I ended up with these brown papers from an old 6x6 paperpad from K&Co which match so well. I have a lot of the (also very old) tags that I used for the bottom right pocket, in different styles, and thought about using them everywhere and it looked nice, but was kind of too unified, if you know what I mean.

So I had to think a little bit more and look deeper in my stash and I'm quite pleased with the result. I brought in a splash of green here and there which brought the layout to life, I think. I have to point out the fact that it is different kinds of greens, which is a big thing for me, I have a tendencee to be too riged, I need to losen up a bit and I'm working on that!

You know how you always have this picture in your head of how you want it to be and you hardly ever manage to make it that way? Well, besides from that, I'm quite pleased, but next time I will make it lighter, I promise!

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