11 February 2013

The BIG project

Here is the beginning of my big project of documenting the weeks that Linda and the children spent here in September. It´s increadible that two weeks can hold so many stories... But of course all of these layouts is not only about these weeks. Since we see each other so seldon because of the distance it really is more about them in general, but now I happened to have photos from when I actually was THERE too.

Welcome my so very much beloved children!! I was SOO happy when I picked them up at the airport. I hadn´t seen them in a almost a year and little Noah was born in the summer. The title says "Nothing bad that doesn´t bring something good", since they where able to come here because of the leake they had in the kitchen which made the insurance company pay for their flight here since it wasn´t good for such small children to live in the bad air.

The fact that they stayed here so long made for a much more casual way of spending time together than if they would have only stayed for some days and that was so nice. I loved taking care of little Noah, we can never have too many babies in our family!!

I made one page each about the grandchildren. This is Gabriel, he´s mommy´s boy, not only in that he loves his mom, he´s quite like her too.

Sweet Elvina. She´s such a girly girl, much to her mothers delight... She loves pink. I was making a dessert and she stood beside me and watched and when she looked at it and saw the colour she said: "Grandma, it´s pink!" and I just knew I had to put just that on a page!!

Oh, my darling little Noah... He´s the cutest little thing. I so much loved to lock myself in in my room with him and just enjoy having a baby in my arms and while sitting there, all the old feelings of how much I have enjoyed all my children as babies came back too me. I am such a blessed woman having had eight precious little ones of my own and now being able to enjoy my grandchildren. And Noah is such a special, sweet little spirit. I´m so grateful that I got this oppertunaty to have this time with him when he was so little.

Well, folks, that´s it for today! Have a great week!

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