10 February 2013

Project life?

I have really enjoyed doing Document: 2012 and will definatly be doing it this year too, but the question is will I be doing more of it than just one page per month? I think I will, at least some of the months, when I feel like it and really, this is of course a veriaty of Project life, so why not call it just that?! So I will.

So welcome to my Project life 2013!!

But first the last three months of Document: 2012.

This month held a lot of conferences at church, General conference for the whole world wide church, ward conference for our congregation and stake conference for the church in our region.

The fall break started really bad for Elias with a visit at the doctor´s, I will not tell you his mistake that took us there...

Arnold turned 52 and I and the girls went shopping at the big cheep department store in Ullared.

The first day of November which also was in the springbreak we went to see Sarah and her family. They moved earlier in the fall, for Tobias to be able to go to school and learn to be an Air Traffic Control Operator. It was so good to see them and see how they live now. And most of this month´s documentation was about this and what was going on at church which also was quite a lot.

There wasn´t much going on that wasn´t connected to Christmas in December and since I had waited so much for December to arrive, that´s what I documented. It turned out to be two pages since it was impossible to fit it all in on one page, even if I did make a Christmas album I still wanted it here too.

So that´s the end of 2012, as Docomented: 2012 is concerned and also the end of Documented:
So Hello 2013 and Project life!

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