09 February 2013

Some more random layouts

I keep working on pages from 2012 and I think I have only the Christmas pages left now. Not that I feel so very much inspiration scrapping Christmas in February, I finished my Document: 2012 and December was really hard since I was so totally uninspired. I think I will leave the rest of the Christmas scrapping for later.

Some more random layouts from last year for you today, before I begin showing you the BIG project, scrapping about the 2 1/2 weeks Linda and her children spent here in September. I had a lot of photos and it turned out there was a lot of different stories to tell.

Elinor and Ilse on the train for the 18 hour long journey to Linda and her family. 18 hours is a LONG time but they think it is SO worth it.

But, Mom... The girls had an activity at church which the parents were invited to and both of them made a little presentation and I, as the only partent doing just that, of course had to take pictures of them. And Ilse said "But, Mom..!", but what can I say...I´m a scrapbooker, I HAVE to take these photos!!

Since last year was so hard, the garden that usually give me so much pleasure and relaxation, became such a burden for me. But there was a still some pleasure too and I just wanted to highlight that.

It´s Saturday and I have been putting off some household chores that I really have to do now so, Have a great weekend!!

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