30 January 2013

Some random layouts

Today just some random layouts.

Finishing school. Ilse´s last day, in the autum she started high school in town. Got to use some old Simple Stories cards here.

Sweet little Noah was born, my littleest grandchild. This paper kind of suited the season, but I tried to make it more baby boy-ish by using the light blue paper. The card with the truck was well suited to carry a heart brad since one of the photos show him off going home from the hospital and his sister, now a big sister, cuddling him and every child entering our family is a great joy and love. There can never be too many persons to love!!

I used to love this green colour, but right now I´m kind of tired of it (that might change again, though) but I have quite a lot of it so I use it here and there anyway and it was quite good for this page about our chickens. After a while we let them run all over the garden and they started to come running as soon as they saw me (that´s the upper photo) since they always hoped for more food, but unfortunately some hunting dog thought they where his dinner and they all ended up dead. One day he just came running on the lawn with a dead chicken in his mouth... Too bad, but still, being a scrapbooker I was kind of sd I didn´t have the phone with me so I could snap a picture of him... Could have been useful if we ever find out whos dog it is.
I used som REALLY old Provo Craft stickers here.

Elias and I put the girls on the train though almost the whole country to take them to Linda and her family, and then he and I went to the amusement park. That was one lucky boy. The ticket is a printable I printed some time ago, I´m sorry but I do not know where I found it.

Off to life!

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