29 January 2013

Scrapping 2012

Hi there! So I didn´t meen to have such a long pause here but the big bad cold got hold of us and then I just didn´t get into blogging again. BUT, I didn´t give up scrapbooking, quite the contrary acually.

2012 was a hard year for me and I didn´t get much scrapbooking done. I did my Document: 2012, but besides that I just made a handful of pages. So I really had a lot of things do scrap from the year and have been working hard on that this month and it´s been great. So I have quite a lot to show you and today I will start with the layouts I made from the children´s birthdays.

I made them kind of like a project and when I was looking for something to match Elinor´s shirt in the first layout I found an old Basic Grey paper and when I had done that I kind of thought it was a good idee to try to get some other old papers used too for the other layouts. Here´s the results.

Here she is making doughnut holes, one of her favorites. To be able to use this paper I just had to put the photos on a neutral paper and I think it worked out quite well. I even managed to find some letter stickers and other emellishments to match the apricot colour, which was pure luck since I´m no fan of that colour so it´s nothing that I purpursly buys.

Elias turned 8 and got a replica of the sword of King Arthur. Cool! He also got baptized and here we are after the service. Here I let the die cut paper shine on it´s own and I realy like the simplysity of it all.

Ilse turned 13. I´m really sorry about the quality of this picture... This is a beautyful Webster´s pages paper, but really, I like to have a clean plate to work on when I make my layouts, that´s why this kind of papers just gets lying for years. That´s why I don´t buy this kind of papers anymore, if I can´t see myself cutting them up and use different pieces seperatly. But I tried to peronalize it as much as I could without destroyingthe whole thing.

So, hopefully I´m back in buissnes again! I have quite a lot more to show you that´s already done. I just got my December photos yesterday so I have all my Christmas pages to work on, there will be some despite the fact that I made a daily album throughout December. There is always more you want to document. But first I will finish up my Document: 2012 which only has December left to do. I will make a seperate post about that and all my thoughts about it.

Right now I´m working my way through all the photos from Linda´s and her children´s stay in September. I´m almost done and it has turned out to be quite a lot of layouts. It´s been it´s own little project and so much fun.

So I´ll see you!!

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Sarah W said...

De här var jätte, jättefina, tycker särskilt om den med Elinors födelsedag :)