09 January 2013

Happy New Year & My Christmas album

I finished my Christmas album right after New Year and was doing this post some days later, but the pictures wasn´t doing what I wanted (some insisted on turning the wrong way when I was importing them from the hard drive) so I got kind of discouraged and didn´t finish it. But now I decided I woundn´t let that stop me so here it is, my whole album! Hope you enjoy it.

I never posted the last days so here is a little about them, if you like.

Dec 28th.
Sarah and her family came here and seing little Birger again was wonderful. They don´t want him seen on the internet so that´s why you can´t se his face, which is sad for you as you can´t really see the reason for my choice of papers for this day. You see, he has such amazing blue eyes in this picture and his shirt is blue too, so nothing at all with Christmasee colours, so I went with the blue, but found the upper paper which holds both the blue AND both red and green, so that was good.

Dec 29th.
I love this paper. It´s an old one from Basic Grey (I´m quite sure...) that I used in my 2009 album too. I still got a piece for another year! I didn´t want to cover up the paper so I thought about how to still get the message of what we did this day and I ended up using these Prima letters and that worked really good, I think. And with the red and green accents to the blue paper it all came together quite nicely.

Dec 30th.
Sunday, so we went to church and then we just was together, enjoying each others company and being with the baby, he´s such a darling. I love this relaxed photo of him and his parents.

Dec 31st.
This years calender from Marie at Stitch in time . Everything else was chosen to match the calender. The little family went on the the other in-laws.
This wasn´t one of our best days, my husband was feeling really bad, so that´s why there´s no journaling at all. Not much of celebration...

Jan 1st.
Welcome 2013. My breef thoughts on 2012 and the good and bad. There´s been a lot of bad, all of which connected to my husbands health, but also really good things, all connected to our wonderful children and grandchildren. How we would have survivied this year without them I truely don´t know.
I ´m quite pleased with this last page, that I let the white page take center stage, and the red and black. The diecut is from a summer collection from Simple Stories, you sure don´t have to stick to just things from Christmas collections to do Christmas pages!!

Well, that´s that and now I really look forward to this new year!
Hope it will be a really good one for all of you!!

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Linda said...

Du är så duktig mamma, det är jättefint! Någon dag hoppas jag att jag hinner med sånt med!