29 December 2012

Dec 25, 26 & 27

Three more days in my Christmas album ready.

Day 25.
I took this photo outside the LDS temple in Copenhagen, Denmark some years ago and I thought that was a good photo for Christmas Day. And it set the whole colourscheme for this page. The small envelope holds a tag for this day´s journaling, that our big boys both went back home this day and the ballong was kind of appropriate for their travelling, even though they did not fly... I like this very tuned down colourscheme.

Day 26.
The back side of the previouse day is much more colourful! I just LOVE this card with the red berries and was so glad that I didn´t mess up the rest of this page, but managed to make a couple of cards that look really good together with it. A nice page for a day of cleaning up after the holidays!!

Day 27.
I premade the upper card before December began and am glad that I actually found a place for it in the album, that is not always the case when I do that. I just love the red patterned paper and after having used it here in these two pages I just had to try and find some more of it and found a webshop that still had it. That is sometimes a problem I face, bying something and not using it for a while and when I do use it I fall in love and by then no shops have any more left. That is sad...

Our oldest daughter and her family is here and she said that she really likes my Christmas albums and that she wish she could do that too. She does have a baby now and that takes a lot of time and for everything there is a season. But it´s also the thing that to her sewing is her air like scrapbooking is for me and we just have to choose what is most important to us.

Hope you all have a nice New Years Eve. It´s here in just two days!!

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Anna-Karin, Landet Krokus said...

Hej hej!
Kul att du hittade till min blogg och tack för den glada hälsningen. Ja.. grannen. Jag tror att de uppskattar det nästan lika mycket som jag. Får iaf väldigt många positiva tillrop.
Må så gott och god fortsättning!