26 December 2012

Dec 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I did. It was a nice and quiet one with my in-house-family and our adult sons, who came home for a few days. It was really wonderful to have them here. They went back home yesterday. Here in Sweden we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, you see.

As for my Christmas album it´s all cought up until the 24th (the 25th is almost done too, but lack some journaling).

Here are all my latest pages.

Day 20.
Making gingerbread cookies. Got to use some cards I´ve had lying round for years, like the one with the rolling-pin and the one which says "ginger". It realy says ginger ale, but that isn´t somethig we have here so I covered up the "ale" piece with the date.
 Can you see those absolutly wonderful little mini cookie cutters in the second sleeve?! Aren´t they just lovely? I got them at my local scrapbooking store and just had to have them when I saw them. They´re from Dress it up.

Day 21.
Adam came home! And we were all so happy, especially Elias, he misses his older brothers a lot.. I also made the last shopping, both food and presents. Were really blessed to find parking places so easily with all these cars at the malls, didn´t have to spend a lot of time circling the parking-lots like I saw a lot of cars do.

Day 22.
Ilse and I made a little more candy, but the big thing was that Josef came home this day. Arnold and Adam went to pick him up while I prepared dinner. So good to have him here!!

Day 23.
The 4th Sunday in Advent. Elias had a cold so he stayed home with Josef and the rest of us went to church. A lovely meeting with wonderful Christmas music and talkes about the true meaning of Christmas. It was just wonderful. Arnold had been ill for a couple of weeks so he was so happy to be in church again and Adam was glad to meet his old buddies.

Day 24. Christmas Eve!
The caldender here is a printable I found at a blog, stitch in time.  This was the one she designed for last year but she ganged all the dates to fit this year. I have also the new one which I will use for New Year´s Eve. The Sign on the calender is one a made a few years ago, it says "Dear Santa, here is only  good children", just so that he will know...

The red envelope hold some "postcards" from an old swedish Christmas collection, that will hold more journaling and photos on the backs.

Behind the envelope is some journaling about the day.

On the back of the white tabed page is journaling about what everyone likes most about Christmas.

That´s it so far. I just LOVE my album! I will keep up with it until January 1st, so keep coming back, please!
Have a lovely day!

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