20 December 2012

Dec 15, 16, 17, 18 & 19

Only a few days until it´s Christmas, time really flies. And I´m so pleased with my album and that makes me happy. I´ve joined a group on Facebook called A Christmas to Remember and one lady there said was so unsatified with her December Daily that she just wanted to tare it aparet and start over. That is really sad, but I think that that happens to everyone sometimes. Sometimes it just doesn´t turn out in real life how we pictured it in our heads. So that´s why it it so very satisfying when it DO turn out fine.

So it´s the 20th today and I´m all cought up till yesterday, so here is my latest pages.

 Day 15.
This was the first day after the day of the arrival of the Gnome, called Nisse (that´s what our "elves" are called) and he made a really bad joke this first day, to set the scen I guess, and wrapped the tree in tissue paper. When I came up that morning and commented on the look of the tree Elias said: "It wasn´t me!! It was the gnome!" and I just had to document that, though I won´t be documenting his adventures here but make a page, or pages, about it in my regular album later.

Day 16.
3rd Sunday of Advent. I used a part of a Webster´s pages paper and I just added the "16" and the "3 advent" and wrote about how blessed we are to live in a peaceful and free country, since it came a colombian family to church this day, refuges, just arrived here and in the need of everything.

Day 17.
I had actually never included a photo of our nativity set in any of my Christmas albums so I did that here and just wrote very simply about that the reason that we celebrate Christmas is because a baby boy was born in Bethlehem and was given the name Jesus.

Again I used the backside of the paper from the day before, because I really love this paper.

Day 18.
A cut down page protector for buissnes cards. The upper left pocket just holds the round journaling spot with the date, so here you can see through it to todays page, which I´ve prestarted. We made Christmas candy this day.

Day 19.
Here you can see the see-through. Just love the papers here. I repeted the thought I shared on Facebook, why Elias doesn´t suspect me for being the one behind Nisse, not once has he said anything about that. Strange!

Today we are gonna make gingerbread cookies and do some Christmas cleaning and tomorrow one of our older boys will be coming home and we SO look forward to that!

Enjoy every moment of this wonderful season! Thanks for the look!


Linda Jordan said...

Your pages are adorable!! Thanks for sharing :) And that is sad about the girl wanting to tear hers apart, there are always ways to salvage it & I think that everyone always wishes they could do better!!


Monica said...

Thank you! Sometimes it's hard to be satisfied with what we do. There is so much great yhings out there and we compare our own work with that and want to do what we see, but different persons have different styles and if we can embases our own style we will be much more happy with what we do.