17 December 2012

Dec 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14

I´m really bad at posting here, not at all as I figured it, but I guess it´s the fact that it´s December that´s the thing. And sometimes also the fact that I´m waiting to have two photos to printed. As I print them walletsize I print them in pairs and sometimes it´s days between freshly taken photos so then I end up waiting. Anyhow, here is a lot of pages for you!

First a paper bag I will use for my lists. I made it seperate from my dated pages.
I´ve had this Things to do around the house-piece for years, but never found a place for it even though I like it. It´s not like I´m doing a lot of household work layouts...
On the backside I put the mantel piece paper the wrong way and I didn´t notice it till it was too late and the glue had dried. But maybe you hadn´t thought about it if I hadn´t said anything?!

Day 9.
2nd Sunday of Advent. I´m really, really pleased with how this turned out. I love using these big, red metal numbers. Just wrote about how much I love singing Christmas hymns.

Day 10.
Wrote about two Chrismas related things that happened this day. Ilse made a soft gingerbread cake and I sent the presents to the granchildren.

Day 11.
Down memory lane. Just some left over more or less old Christmas related photos of my children.

Day 12.
I bought this paper because of this side and didn´t really look at the backside, but when I did I saw the beautyful red grid and that´s what I used for day 11, but I didn´t whant to cover up this side so I used it for this day, though I otherwise use seperate papers for the different days.

Here I put a note that Ilse wrote. She and other girls at church was doing sweets and cookies to give to the police, the ER aso and she made them on Thuesday night and they would give them away next night and she was afraid someone would eat them so she wrote this note for us. It says: "Don´t even think about it! I have COUNTED them! Anyone taking any will have to pay $50 a piece!!" We had a really good time reading her threat. See the doily at the top? It´s to pull out my journaling by.

Day 13.
December 13th is the Lucia-day here in Sweden, but it´s also when our oldest daughter´s son was born last year, so this day hold two mager stories. Birger turning one and Elinor and Ilse being in their school´s Luciatrain. Here I used two photos taken with Ilses cell phone.

When I was looking through my old Christmas photos for the Down memory lane page I just found too many nice photos to fit that page so I decided to put all the Lucia photos here on the back of this day instead. My sweet little children... The oldest turns 30 in a few months, time flies!

 Day 14. This day I started a new tradition, Elf on the shelf. But I bought a Swedish elf which really is a gnome, since we don´t have any elves here. He´s a darling. He came on a sledge that morning and all the children wonder where he came from. The girls was sure that someone had put him there for us. Noone suspected me... All love him, he´s really nice to hold and Elias is totally in love.

I´d had that picute with the singing children for years and had planned to use it when I was talking about Christmas music, but then I noticed the gnome...so it really was perfect for this page!

I´ll be back with more!! Have a nice week! Don´t stress too much, dears!

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