10 December 2012

Dec 5, 6, 7 & 8

I´m done with my pages up till Saturday and here they are.

Dec 5th.
Thankful. We were buying new boots for the girls and they were so grateful. These wonderful children are always so grateful for what we get for them and I´m so very grateful for that. That´s a huge blessing.
Quite simple page but I really like it. I absolutely love this format. It´s a 9x9 pp that I cut in the side to make it fit. I like lettersize pages much more that square.

Dec 6th.
Meatballs. That´s a real important dish at our Christmas table. Especially for these younger children, it´s their most favorite Christmas food. I make the meatballs especilly good for Christmas and the concept "Christmas meatballs" has a special sound to it at our house. I made this years meatballs this day.

Dec 7th.
The sents of Christmas. There are somes sents that are strongly assosiated with Christmas. Saffron. Gingerbread. Pinetree. But my absolute favorite is hyacints, I just have to have them. The card which holds the date says: "Christmas is in the air" and I thought that was quite appropriate fore this theme.

Dec 8th.
This day holds two stories. We put up the tree and I did take photos but there just wasn´t place for a photo, since I really whanted to make a tree out of buttons. And I just had to recognise the fact that this day it was exactly five years since we moved here. The card with the door was perfect to hold this happy thought.

Thanks for watching!

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