05 December 2012

December 2, 3 & 4

Finished three pages yesterday. It´s so much fun!! Here we go.

December 2nd.

The first Sunday in Advent. The number "1" is metal. It´s actually for fastening on an advents candle, so I got the numbers 1-4 and will use them for each Sunday.

I just realised I forgot to write on my page!! How stupied is that? So were do I squeeze that in?! I guess I have to write on the banner. You see I have a story about the candle holder that I must include.

I bought it two years ago, but since Advent had already started I had prepaired the candles already, so I saved this for the next year, that is, last year. And when Advent was approaching I couldn´t find it!! Typically me, put things away so I can´t find them... But this year, I started making a dress about a month ago and what did I find in the basket with my patterns..? So here it is and I love how it turned out.

December 3rd.

We should have made saffron rolls on Saturday, but had no yeast and the weather was bad (we live in the country and has to go at least 5 km to shop) so we had to wait till Monday to make them. Here I used old photos, they look about the same each year anyway!!

I made the tag, or what ever it´s called, myself. Like having words in my own language, and with words that tells our story. The word "lussekatter" is the swedish name for these rolls. The round journaling tag was one of a bunch you could print for free. Found the link on Pinterest. You find some cool stuff there!

December 4th.

This is about the two frogs I bought for my sweet baby boys, my youngest granchildren. I really liked them so I bought one for each of them.

The "LOVE" tag I found in an interior shop. You can find a lot of nice things in such places for your scrapbooking, especially for the Holidays.

The journaling tags were a free printable as well, found on Pinterest. The green banner tag is a Soup label from Jillibean soup. I had to cut it off in the middle to make it fit and made sure the cut was under the number.

It´s so much fun deciding what page protector to use next time, how to mix them up.

Thanks for the look!

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