15 February 2013

A lot of childrens pages

More from my Big project.

Gabriel turned five while they where here and Linda took him outside to take some photos and he´s sitting there so nicely holding up his five fingers...but who´s that in the window?! Little sister is making funny faces and this photo shoot took a turn. Isn´t that wonderful when that happens?

I really liked how this page turned out. When you have so many 6x4 photos that you want to include you have to get crafty with them to fit in the important stuff without the photos filling the whole pages. Here I cut down three photos to fit at the bottom of the page. And the three tags was great for the title and turned in to nice embellishments at the same time.

Play. When Linda comes here with her children Elias gets some younger kids to play with, which he isn´t used too. At first, some years ago, he couldn´t deal with that so well, but now he´s learned to handle it quite well and can enjoy the company. Some would call us a typical LDS family with an uncle just three years older than his oldest nephew... That´s when we don´t count Lindas stepchildren who are both older than Elias!!

Just a simple page about some of the playing that goes on when they are here. I like how the red paper strips, that I rounded the corners on, hold the whole grind together so nicely. The sticker with the kids on the merry-go-round was just perfect since there is two boys and a girl.

All these lovely photos of the children playing in and around the playtree I made into a layout about the tree itself, how it´s the only really great climbing tree and the only one to hang the swing in. You can find more than one story in a photo. Here I used some really old stickers and they were just perfect for this page.

Hide and seek. These great pictures that Linda took of the children I just wanted to be seen in all their glory and not get them lost in a lot of embellishments. A page couldn´t get any simplier, I think.

I had more photos from this game so I put them on a seperate page...

...and called it Play with me, Auntie, since Elinor and Ilse played with the children.

And the last one.

Another simple page showing off the sleeping little darlings. I called it They are cute when they are sleeping... Because they ARE and also because we are kind of old and not so used to having smaller childrens noise around any more...even if we love them dearly.

More to show you next time. Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

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