16 February 2013


Linda and I took her children and went to town one day. Took the children to this amazing playground with so much fun. Then I took the big ones to McDonalds while Linda browsed the local scrapbooking store with Noah. After that we went to visit my in-laws. A full day that left us quite worn out!!

Here I managed to fit in many photos and still get some design in, that´s kind of my signature. Since we have such a big family there is always many photos to fit in.

Another day I took the children to another playground in our nearer, smaller town. It was a wonderful fall day too, so I just called it A wonderful day.

I thought this paper was just right for this day since we had this amzingly blue sky, so I started with what was actually the last photos, of the children lying on the big swing, just enjoying the lovely weather and being pushed.

I made two smaller pages too. One about Gabriel always wanting to do what his uncle is doing...

...and the other about Elvina and how you can´t keep up with the bigger ones when you are only three and needs help here and there.

I wanted to hold on to the amazing blue so I put these pages on a clear blue paper (it is actually the same blue paper even if it doesn´t relly show on the pictures). The one about the boys I just went with the outdoor theme, but made the one about Elvina realy girlish with pink and other girly stuff.

One last show off of my Big project and then I will show you the start of my Project life.
Enjoy your life!

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