17 February 2013

Take some photos, mom!

You know how it is, the mother is "always" behind the camera, so Linda asked me to take some photos of her and her children. It turned out to be some great mother-child photos as well as some really nice real life photos.

Take some photos, mom. Here´s some behind-the-scen photos. I made the last layout first and then made this and the next one and these where both made to fit the last one. I made them on the same theme so you can see that they belong together. The colour of the background paper, the letter stickers and the embellishments all help to do just that.

Such riches. Linda is rich having such wonderful children and we are rich for having them all. Lovely photos of her and her children. I had a lot of different photos to choose from but I lked these ones that showes the love they share.

And finally the one I made first. When I took these photos (and I really got some "real" ones first) an airplan flew by and Gabriel heared it and finally all of them (expect Noah, who couldn´t care less!) looked for it!! I knew while I was taking these photos that I would want to do a page like this.

So the question was, how would I fit in this photos in a sequel that showed off the actual happening? The ideal would be having them after each other from left to right but then I would need two pages and I really didn´t want that, I already had so many pages. And the green background was kind of destacting so I croped them, something that I hardly ever do this days. I moved them around and realised that having them move in a circle was the best thing, but I had to make people see that that was what was happening so I made this big circle arrow.

When I was finally done I was really pleased with it. This is what is so amazing with scrapbooking, you get to be creative and make something that pleases you, and has a bigger meaning too at the same time. Sitting there making this stuff gives me a great amount of energy.

Happy scrapping, folkes!

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