20 February 2013

Project life: Title page and January

I have a lot of these divided page protectors that hold six 4x6 photos, so I will do my Project life with them this year. I really like Becky Higgin´s Style A pockets but that will have to wait. Using this six pocket pps makes for a little different style, kind of more freedom and that is nice too.

Since last year didn´t turn out to be all that I had thought it would be and things we did didn´t really match what I had put on the title page for 2012 I decided to just go with our family, you really can´t be sure what will happen during a year, can you?

So here´s the title page:

This is mostly about just the five of us who lives in this house, but since I had this photo of me and the children, including Josef and Adam, from Christmas I decided to use that and then put a seperate photo of Arnold (and the sticker with the paper reading man was perfect!) and also include one photo each of Sarah and Linda with their babies (those photos will have to represent their families, it´s impossible to include them all here!!)

I used three journaling cards from Simple Stories and the one with the house was perfect for holding "home" and our home is very important to us, not the house itself but the "home thing", being together, the love aso. I found a use for one of the typewriting ladies from October Afternoon´s 9 to 5 line, which, of course, represents me doing this documentation. The other card has "our family" and all those names that means family: mom, dad, sister...to uncle and grandchild.

Two pockets on Elinor and her dresses. She went to a youth conference on the 2nd and she had made one dress herself, for the ball, which is amazing since she doesn´t sew! It turned out great, you can do very nice things from a sheet and a curtain... Finally I found a great place for the old "sew cute" die cut, since she is such a cute girl.

The dress for the fancy-dress dance was made by her sister Sarah who was delighted to having an excuse for making such a dress again. You can read her own blogpost about the making of it here, if you like. It is of course Bo Peep from Toystory. And Elinor won the price for the best costume. No surprise there!!

I´m not a fan of pink but I just had to have it here, since Elinor loves it and both the dresses was pink...

Other stories are about Adam buying us a new TV! Now that´s a loving son!! And about Elias making his first cooked dinner ever. And some other curch stuff too.

I love doing this! Hope you like it too.

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