25 February 2013

Year in review 2012 and a laugh

So now it´s done again, the Year in review pages, that is. I can understand why I´m so old, the years sure fly by!! Not that I´m actually so very old, but you know, you just don´t feel that old. I turned 53 on Saturday and yesterday someone jokingly said, that I turned 29. Well having a daughter that will turn 30 in some weeks, that just isn´t very likely! But if you go by the feeling, ok so then I´m 29. I love life, even if it´s hard sometimes, but my philosophy is that if you try to look at the bright side everything looks better.

Anyway here´s the pages.

Not much happened that wasn´t related to family, so that´s pretty much all there is.

Another layout I did the other day.

Me and Ilse and Elias were playing Monopoly one day and Elias was laughing really heartedly when things went wrong for me and later when things started to go really bad for himself he said: "I shouldn´t have laughed at Mom..."! I thought that was really fun, the boy has learned about the law of reaping... So I made a layout about it.

Then yesterday he wanted to play again and this time I didn´t have a chance and I told him that I probobly reaped the seeds from my sowing, as I had fun on his behalf making this layout... So I added a new labelsticker telling THAT story. If you can laugh at others, you have to be able to laugh at yourself too.

The sun is shining so wonderful today, I might even take a walk! Have a great week.

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