20 November 2012

The stash

I´ve put together a lot of things that might come to use in my Christmas album. It´s quite convenient to have everything gathered in one place. And the place I have most of my things in is this tin box. It has a folkloristic look to it and since the colours are red and green it kind of is a little christmases.

And this is what you see when you open it. In the bottom I have scraps of paper and sticker sheets.
I have a paper box with smaller things and a plastic box with even smaller things.
I haven´t put any washi tape, ribbon or some other small items there, yet, but I think it will get me a long way. I won´t use all of this, I´m quite sure, but you never know what you will want to use, so it´s nice to have it all in one place. I have som bigger paper sheets that doesn´t fit here too. I so look forward to use all of these goodies!

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