19 November 2012

Christmas album-show off

Eleven days, ladies, eleven days until it´s December. Can´t wait!! So looking forward to decorating and starting my December album. So today I´m gonna show you my album and talk about how I think this year. Every year you are a little different, it´s different things that inspire you than last year and you are in a different place as to how your life is and all that makes you make different desitions different years.

Last year I didn´t do something daily in my Christmas album. I wasn´t up to it then, but this year I´m so inspired to do daily entries. This kind of shows in my choice of album too, this years album is much lager than last years. It´s about A4, though I haven´t measured it. I won´t have that size on all the pages though.

Here´s how it looks at the cover.

The heart is of wood, found it at Panduro hobby´s outlet, and I built my whole cover around the colours on it. The title is from a swedish Christmas carol and in english it says "Christmas, christmas, glorious Christmas". I love this song, it tells about this whole longing for the season. The big "JUL" letters is wood too and I mixed the red colour so it matches the small painted hearts on the wooden heart. But I made a mistake, I didn´t paint them on the backside and since the cover is transparent it shows on the backside of the cover, but I didn´t find that out until I hade glued them in place and they had dried and by then it was too late... Not much to do about it now, but my husband thinks it cooler this way so I have to be satisfied with that, though it kind of bugs me.

The inspiration for the inside of the album comes primarily from Lisa Trusdell´s December Daily from last year. You can see some of it here. Mostly it´s the neutral colour scheme that´s inspired me. Here´s a few pictures of my inside.

The computer persists on turning the pictures the wrong way... Anyway, as you can see I have all kinds of different page protector here. I´ve just put them in, in no particular order, since I will decide as I go which one I will use. I´ve also made cards in off white and kraft that I will use, but not necessarily where they are now, I just put them in to have them in place.

Besides the page protectors, I also have four tabed white big cardstock pages. I made the tabs myself. I just had to have these, since I so love the white tabed pages I had in my first Christmas album from 2008. Here´s my two favorite pages from that album.

I love tabs and I love the white background. I will start with one of these and then spread them out through the monthe, I think I know when I will use them. I SO look forward to doing this.

So what do YOU think about my plans?!

Tomorrow I will show you some of the things I´ve gattered that will, perhaps, end up on the pages in my album.

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