06 November 2012

LSNED 1,2,3,4

November for me means Learn Something New Every Day. I´m not sure how much learning it will contain. I´m a thinker and dwell on this kind of things all the time. But this gives me the chance to put things on paper and that is always a good thing.

So here´s my pages so far. We start with the titlepage where I discribe the whole thing.

Webster´s pages is really nice but not my thing to use as a whole sheet. So here a piece of a sheet got used and I like the result. The black washitape wasn´t there from the beginning, but I messed up the writing and had to start over...

Day one and two.
Day one should have been about my latest big adventure, but no big adventures here at all, so I wrote about November insteed, not one of my favorite months, the best thing about November is that right after it my beloved December comes! The sheep card has nothing to do with anything but I like it and have been sitting on it forever so why not? Matted it with black cardstock and put a couple of stripes of washitape at the bottom and that was it.

Day two is about how worth it is to sit in the car driving longdistance to be able to meet with your children for just a few hours when you haven´t meet them in months. This page is even more simple than the previouse, matted the journaling card and just added the letterstickers for my grandsons name.

 Day three. New skill saturday. I´m no artist but I have quite a few bottles of acrylic paint and using masks is someting I have thought about sometime so I tried it here, but I think mist would be better though I have no plans of buying any. Maybe I could thin the paint? I don´t know. But I tried anyway.

Day four. Improving your self. That´s a constant effort, so I wrote about that here. Trying to be more and more like my Master. Another old October Afternoon journaling card being used, matted with red. And more washitape. I love washitape...

The cover of my Christmas album is done and I´m quite pleased with it. There is a closed group at Facebook called A Christmas to Remember that I´ve joined where I have shared it. If you´re doing a Christmas album this year that might be a nice place to be. Just ask them to be included. I will of course share my album here too, but not quite yet.

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