29 October 2012

April, may and june

Now that I have gotten my photos (well most of them, forgot some on another memorycard...) I have worked on my Document:2012. Here´s the pages for april, may and june!

Elias turned 8 (and got a replica of King Arthur´s sword, which he liked A LOT, of course...) He was also baptised. Our children is baptised when they turn 8 years old.

May´s big event was having Sarah and her family here, as can be seen in the photos. I´m not sure I actually have any photos from may other than of their visit here! But we also celebrated 30 years as married.

A new grandson is of cause most important in june. But it also meant school´s out and swimming lessons for Elias.

I like this concept. It´s a doable Project Life for me. I might extend it to a two page spread for each month eventualy. I keep the month cards quite alike and I use the same cards for journaling. They are office supplies really, but they suit almost perfectly, I just have to cut them down a little bit. Washi tape and paperstripes is great for dressing them up, and then just a few something else.

Sometimes I like the backside of the paper used for the month pocket so much that I don´t want to cover it up, so I put something small in the backside pocket. Like on the april layout, to the left of the month pocket I just put a small journaling card. And the backside of the june month paper will be the same.

On thursday it´s november which means that I will start my Learn Something New Every Day-album!! Great fun! I have prepared all the pages so I will, at least most days, only do the writing. I´ll show them all to you here.

I have also prepared a Christmas album and have a box where I have put a lot of things together that I will use in it. I´m not done with that yet, there is for example no washi tape there yet... I´m thinking of how to decorate the front cover of the album and have an idee that I´m quite sure will come to life.

Have a great week folks!

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