25 October 2012

Album system

This weeks Paperclippings roundtable discussion was about what kind of system people have regarding the albums they put their scrapbook pages in. Stacy Julian and Shimelle Lain was among the guests discussing this topic.

Stacy has influenced me a lot. She was the one deliberating me from guilt and the need to scrap cronologicly. She truely put the fun back in scrapbooking for me.

This show made me wanna do a post on my own system. I have a lot of different albums, covering diffrent things.

I have a family album (well, I have of course more than one by now!) which covers our family life as well as individual persons. I make pages out of order but put them in cronological order, if they are of events otherwise I put them at the back or where there is a free pp.

This is my latest finished album. I have a new one just like this. It´s American Crafts modern albums. Here I put both 12x12 and 8 1/2x11 pages. And some divided pages too.

I have a Year in rewiew-album too. It´s a 11 x 8 1/2 album where I put a two page spread for each year.

I have albums for the children who lives at home. Ilse makes her own pages. Elinor used to make some but haven´t in a long time, so I guess I will have to make some for her... In those albums it´s all about themselves. at least when I make them.

This is from Elias album. I scrap quite simple in his album. We can compare it to the page I made for the family album of the same event, starting school two years ago.

I also have some albums about my adult children. I make some pages there occationally. They end up in the family album too of course, so here I put pages about their personal and family life. Here´s an example from Linda´s album.

And I have my own album too. This is seldon eventbased. It´s more about my inner life. It is also an American Crafts album, but a 8 1/2 x 11. Here´s a favorite.

Well, that´s a selection of albums that I have. I have other albums too, like one about this house. And I make mini albums too, but that´s a whole different story!

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