19 October 2012

Smash book à la Monica

I like the Smash book idee. Having a place to just put things in, like old times real scrapbooks. I´ve even thought about buying a real one, but, you know, I have so much stuff... Maybe make one? I actually made one when the smashbooks first came. You can see it here, but then I couldn´t decide whether to use it as a smash or just an ordinary mini book. Still haven´t used it...

But the other day I just knew what to use. I have a special gardenbook where I record things about my gardening. Like this :

And this Febuary I bought another garden book. It was on sale and was so nice I just couldn´t resist it even though I knew that the other book would last me for years to come. But now, thinking about smashbooks Icame to think about this book and it´s just perfect!
I haven´t done anything on the cover yet, but I will personalize it in some way, I´m not sure how yet.
It has sections with divider pages with pockets.

 Here I have put all kinds of things. Stickers, paper bags, envelopes... After every divider page there is a nice garden themed picture and I like that a lot.

All the pages are green and since I love green that´s perfect. There is a lot of pages so it will last me a long time. I´m not doing this to be finish as fast as possible, this is a long time project, I will add to it because I have something to say or keep, not to just fill the pages, which I have no need to do, I have projects enough to keep me going anyway.

I have made ONE page so far! And the fact that it´s about Harry Potter is not strange at all.

There is a receipt from the library showing that I have lent the CD-books again...
A pocket with a movie ticket, which I hope will be added to.

I´m so glad to have this book! It gives me a place for stuff that otherwise wouldn´t be documented and that makes my heart happy. I bought a real smash book pen, since they are so great, with the gluestick.

Well, that was what I had to show you today. My LSNED-book is finished, except for the last page, all the New skill saturday-pages and for all the writing, of course! I´ll show it to you soon!

Have a lovely weekend!

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