10 November 2012

LSNED 5,6,7,8,9 and 10

A new bunch of pages in my Learn Something New Every Day book!

Day 5.
Home. For me home is more a feeling than a place. Home is securaty and peace. Where I can rest and be myself and be with my family. Home is US.

Day 6.
He with a big H. My husband, and all that he´s tought me: the gospel, to dare, to laugh, to be me and that I am loved.

Day 7.
The week days. I like the everyday, the rutin. Two week nights are more special than the others. Mondays when we have family home evening together. It´s a night for fun and love. Wednesday night when the children have activities at church and I get some hours doing what I want in town.

Day 8.
This day, a life. It´s a wonderful quote from Astrid Lindgrens book "Vi på Saltkråkan". It´s something the father in the book says on a day when everything he planned to do so good just turned to a disaster. I like this quote, not nessesarily in the sence it originally was used, but it sounds really good to me and here I use it to say that today is really the only day I have, there is no garanties for any other days. So you should use and appreciate every day.

 Day 9. New skill Friday. Since it´s the 10th on the Saturday and I wanted to do the 10 Things, I moved the New Skill day to Friday. I should have skipped it all together... Tried my hands to layering punched stripes and, what can I say... Ha, ha! Not my thing!! Let´s move on.

Day 10.
10 Things. Ten truths in Harry Potter. I will make a special post for that when I´m finished here.

All I can say is: I do not look forward to two more New Skills Saturdays... I have to try my new skills on something non-scrappy things, but what?!

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