04 October 2012

Not-so-usual layout

I´m not much of a crafter. That might sound strange for a person that consider scrapbooking one of the "airs" in my life. I love looking at others layouts and enjoy their design aso. But when it comes to scrapbooking myself  I´m a storyteller. A storyteller that likes to jazz upp my stories with some nice things on the paper. So I was in an unusual place last week when I made a layout with almost no words at all.

But with this layout, "Cuddle", showcasing a lot of different big persons in our family cuddling some of the smaller persons, I just thought that the pictures really said it all.

I had some boarder stripes and a bingocard that I´ve made a long time ago lying around, which I used. And some REALLY old Provo Craft heart stickers. And then I added some newer things and that was it: My not-so-usual layout.

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