01 October 2012

Craft album

I have a special album in which I scrapbook my creations, my sewing and some scrapbooking. It might seem strange to scrapbook your scrapbooking, but I scrap gifts and also tell stories about what I scrap. I´ve added some pages to this album lately and thought that I should share them with you today.

This is a couple of presents I made for a pen friend years ago. I´d like to do a picture with our name like that. I had thought of such a great title for this page, but never wrote it down and when I finally made the layout I had forgotten it! How irritating was that, do you think?!

I love scrapbooking Advent and Christmas!! I think I´d scrapbooked this very album ones before...but in anothother album.

I like scrapping pictures to put at our walls. The packground pp is the same that I used as a mat to some of the photos in the picture.

My favorite quilt of all I´ve made, the one I made for Elias bed. I was very pleased with this layout. I don´t know what makes you love some of your layouts more than others.

When I´d made Elias quilt I wanted to make another one with squares, but with this one I was a little more economic and used bigger variety of material and sizes. Here i finally got to use some of those sewing chipbords from who I don´t remember anymore...!

It´s gonna be a rainy week this week here, so I have to creat my own little sunshine I guess. Hope your week will be good.

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