28 September 2012

Small lovlies

For 2 1/2 weeks we had the pleasure of having Linda and the children staying here. It´s different when they stay for so long than just a few days, you get to live a normal life rather than forcing as much as possible into every day and that was nice. Of course I especially enjoyed being able to get to know little Noah who is just three months old. Sitting all alone with him made me really remember how much I love babies!

Linda asked me to take some photos of her and the children and they turned out real good. Here´s one of them all, made Fredrik and the older children long really hard for their family when Linda published it on Facebook.

 I´ve got such beautyful children and grandchildren, in every way.

I´ve been doing some scrapbooking lately but the cumputer insist on turning all my picures from my phone upside down when I try to publish them here, this picture of some tags I made is as good as it gets, it only turned that photo a quarter of the way! I made two Christmas tags too, but I will show you them later.

The screen on my camera has given up and nowadays you´re so used to look at the screen instead of through the little window when you take pictures, but since the phone not always takes so good pictures I guess I have to get used to that again!

I believe some of you came over to my blog from Shimelle´s Learn someting new every day and I guess you will be disappointed since I just bought the class but will not actually DO it, at leased not right now. Making an entry every day is someting that seldom works for me, I save that for December! But it is very inspiring and will for sure show itself in my scrapping here and there in the future.

Well, I´ll be off doing some other stuff, like taking better photos of my layouts, for example! Hope you will have a wonderful weekend.


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