10 September 2012

10 on the 10th

It´s the tenth of September and Shimelle, and a whole lot of other people, do a list of ten things every the tenth and I happen to have the time this day to make such a list and here it is. It could be about anything but today it´s about my scrapbooking is so important to me. Here go!

God is the Great Creator and I believe us to be his litteral spirit children and that we have inherited some of his characteristics and the need to creat to be one of them. I believe that we need to create to be happy. In what way we create is a very individual thing and is only important in that it should be someting that we feel good about. But I also believe that creating something that builds up, people or morality aso, is much better for us than creating something that tears down.

It gives me time to think. Sitting down in silence gives me the opportunity to let my thoughts wander in all kinds of directions and we all need that. This world is so full of sounds and things that wants our attention but we need to be alone sometimes. We need to look at our selves and our lives and see if it really is the way we want them to be.

To make a layout I have to remember and that is a great blessing. To sit and look at photos, old or new, is wonderful. You are given the opportunity to relive those moments. Feeling those feelings. And letting your love grow.

And looking at those photos and remembering is like seeing these persons again, meeting them here and now. If it´s people you don´t see so oftens this is a wonderful opportunity.

I get to work with so many wonderful and pretty things! The scrapbooking industry offers unbelievable amonts of thing and much of it I just don´t get, but I get enough to keep me more than happy! I´m a big paper lover so most of what I use is paper based. I am also an office junk!

Every time I sit down to creat something it´s a new start. You start from scratch with either one or more photos or an idee that you feel inspired to make into something nice. Nothing ever becomes as something else you´ve ever done. It is totally unique and I think that is an important thing, we need to feel that we are someone special and that we can make something special. This has nothing to do with wanting to be better than other, it has only to do with ourselves.

The stories that we tell helps the people we love to remember too. "Oh, I remember that!" or "I had forgotten about that!!" is wonderful things to hear.

The photos and the stories also binds people together. It links generations by showing the children those that was before them. I have photos on the wall showing my parents and my grandparents that at leased some of my children have never meet. And it can even bring siblings together. When Elias was born his oldest sisters was 21 and 20 years old. When he was 4 and no one of those sisters lived at home he just didn´t get who they where! When I told him that they were his sisters he didn´t believe me. So I pulled out my albums and showed him baby pictures of all our children so he could see how they all had come to our family and them he was just like: "Ok."!!

It is FUN. What else can I say. I enjoy it tremendously!

Well, that´s all for today. Have a lovely week!

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a1983alaskan said...

Lovely thought on all your points. I agree with you completely!