01 September 2012


I have now pieced together all my hexagons and now I just will have to find a nice background material and decide how to do it. Shall it be square or follow the shape of the hexagonflowers? My Sarah made a hexagon quilt with the latter shape and that´s really nice.

Our daughter Linda and the three little ones will be coming here tomorrow and stay for a while since they are having some problems with their house. And having a nice craft that I can work on while still being social would be a good thing. So I have to dive into my material stock and see what I can find!

Wish you all a lovely weekend!


Sarah W said...

Åh, det kommer att bli så fint!

Monica said...

Tack! Jag försökte hitta en bild på din kvilt, men jag hade ingen och inte hade du nån på din blogg heller. Var så säker på att jag fotat den, men jag hafe uppenbarligen fel.