06 October 2012

I do-layouts

My oldest dahughter got married 1 1/2  years ago and I hadn´t scrapbooked a single page ´till last week. Now that´s a shame! But now I have at least scrapbooked two pages for our family album. But I mean to scrapbook it in my "Adult children´s scrapbook" as well as make a special mini album.

Anyway, here´s the two pages I made.

It´s quite a simple page, I like that for a wedding page, though the bright green cardstock maybe is not so very typical for a wedding layout, but it picked up the green in the bouque exactly. I also mimiced the button paper by putting real buttons under the photos. These photos is taken outside the temple where they were married.

This is some photos of Sarah as a bride. It was such a busy night so I didn´t think enough of the backgrund when I took these photos so it was too busy, that´s why I cut the  close up picture as I did. I rarley use this kind of background papers. At first I put the photos directly on the cardstock but it was just too much of a contrast, so I found this paper, which went well with the cardstock and it has the words beautyful and happiness on it which is very suitable for the occasion. The jounaling card is also suitable since she sewed her own dress. Besides the cardstock I also made it fit with the other page by putting the same kind of buttons on the journaling card here.

I have another wedding layout too, of my mother-in-law and her husband who got married a year ago.

The green and yellow colours in the photo was so wonderful I just had to pick them up. I tried to make a grid. Cut a piece of the yellow patterned paper and put it over the title piece and put it all together, but the photo got all lost so I scipped that idee. Instead I made the little sun emellishment, it was a lovely day, they shone like the sun and the sunflowers was all small suns.

Less than two months ´till December, ladies... How much I look forward to both the holiday itself and my documentation of it! Have a lovely weekend!

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