15 October 2012

Mess on my desk

I bought Learn something new every day from Shimelle at the end of September just for inspiration and stated right here on the blog that I would not do it. BUT, you can always change your mind, can´t you?!

I will do it in November, I hope that will keep my mind off my December album so I won´t be too frustrated about the waiting till I can start doing that. This is quite perfect for me since I´m not much for surprises, so I have read most of the prompts and know what will come up. I have made a list with what will be covered the different days, with some ajustments since the dates will be on different weekdays than they were in September. I have also started prepare some of the pages, so that it will not be a pressure but only a pleasure to do each day´s entry.

So that is the reason that my desk looks like a mess right now...

But, it´s a creative mess! The cover looks like this.

Not at all what I´ve planned it to be but after I chose the paper with the pencils it kind of lived its own life. Quite nice though, I think, even though the cover does not tell what the book will look at the inside. There really isn´t ONE look inside, there never are when I do something.

When I first strated working on the book I took out a lot of scraps that never get used and thought that I should use them up here, but wasn´t very pleased with that and I thought: I have saved this beautyful little album for something special, shall I really through it away on things I don´t really like?! No way! Not only did I decide that, I also decided to through away all those things I know I won´t use (or give them away rather). Why saving athings you know will just lay there forever?

But I´ll better hurry up because any day now there will come a wonderful new pack of photos in the mail! Yay!! I haven´t ordered any photos at all all this year so I will have a lot of scrapping to do - lovely. Ordinary layouts and my Document: 2012 to catch up on.

Well, that´s all for today! Over and out.

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