15 July 2012

My space

I have had my space in the guestroom, but that meant that Miss I had to have a small bedroom, so the guestroom had to go and all the children´s rooms now turns into guestrooms if needed. And I have the smallest room as my room now. Want to see some pictures?

This is were I do all my scrapbooking and other crafting. You see the bottom part of a wooden cabinett on the wall, Miss I did that for me! She´s a darling.

Here is the home of most of my scrapbooking things.

In this cabinett I have all sorts of things...

...as can be seen in this photo! On top of it is my VERY old stereo, that can take even old vinyls! But it works and that´s all I care about. I have it to listen to CD-books and some occationly radio programs.

To the left of this cabinett is my, also very old, TV, which offers me many a good time since I have a DVD-player that goes with it!

And above it is some favorite art and a place to put fresh scrapbookpages to enjoy before I put them in an album.

And to be able to enjoy my movies I will of course need a comfortable chair...

Here I also do my reading, from the Scriptures to a good book to my scrapbook magazines. And here I can also enjoy my beloved plants.

I love my little room! It is surely a favour to be able to have it.

I hope your new week will be good . Thanks for visiting.

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