09 July 2012

Happy birthday

Today my sweet youngest girl turns 13. It is to her that I´ve made this album. So now I can show you how it looks inside! Here we go!

This photo is so much her. She´s such a cool girl! She´s like "I am the way I am, take it or leave it" and that´s great. She just spent the weekend with Mrs S and her family at a medival fair and spent most of her time taking care of Little B since she LOOVES babies.

Anyway this page is about the fact that she´s spent 13 year with herself and that is no bad company!

On the left a messege about how this book came to be and on the right a babyphoto, obviously...

After this it´s pretty much a random selection of photos from her life in no petictular order.

On the right I talk about her humor, that she loves to laugh, and on the back...

..that that comes from her father. The lower photo shows a joke she pulled on him, giving him a dollhouse flate insteed of a real one. And he played a long for a photo very gererously!

Her love of books, here represented by Harry Potter. And the gift that Mrs S gave her for her 11th birthday, a Gryffindoor muffler and a card looking just like The Letter that the young wizards and witches gets on their 11th birthdays. She was SO happy, a perfect 11th birthday and I say that only another person, who loves to leave this world for a while to visit another one can give such a gift.

On the right I start to tell about two things she loves, her beloved beaver and...

...Prinsess cake, which she always has to have on her birthday. And now I really need to go and bake just one of those for her! But I will end with the last page which shows a photo of me and her as a baby and I tell her that no matter how big (she is actually taller than me now) or grown up she will become, she will still always be my littlest girl.

Wow, am I glad to be able to do this on the computer again!
Thanks for stopping by!

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