07 July 2012

Full house finished

So I have now finished all the Full house pages. It was great fun. Haven't done any "ordinary" scrapbbokung in a while, so that was wonderful.

Let's see how it all turned out!

Doing this on my phone gives me little control, I'm afraid, so I just have to go with it as it is.

There is a page about cooking and baking, which is nice to do together. And a page about the small ones eating and for both these pages I used Melissa Frances stickers that I bought in a "weak" moment, not that they are not lovely, but I'm more a bright colour person. But here they turned out just great. Epecially combined with my beloved October Afternoon.

Then there's a page about Grandma and Grandpa with our darlings. This one I was least satisfied with.

And the last one was about the babyshower we had for Mrs S. I especially love the Jillibean soup label that says Memories are stiched with love, since sewing is Mrs S's big passion.

Thank so much for stopping by! Hope to see you soon again.

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