20 July 2012


You could believe that I´m to talk about halloween, but I´m even further on. Christmas seems to pop up in my life all the time, can´t keep it away from me! I just can´t keep my thoughts from working with the problem of what to use as my Christmas album this year. And the problem is not to be able to find something, the problem is that I have to choose just one... In the middle of the summer...what can I say?!

And looking through my photo pile, I did, of course, find all the photos from last Christmas which hadn´t been scrapbooked yet, so I had to do that, what else could I do, they were just laying there begging me to be done...

So here´s my first pages, I´m still working on two smaller pages.

Not one single Christmasee emellishment, but I think the photos has enough Christmas in themselves, and as there is so many photos to get on the pages I prefered using neutral accents. Got to use some really old journaling tags that I really haven´t had a clue what to do with, so that´s great. There have been bought some things that I later really couldn´t figur out why I bought them... I´m quite sure I´m not alone doing just that!

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