23 July 2012

A little this and a little that

Went by my local craftshop the other day and found a basket with sale items. Got three packages with smaller page protectors, one American Crafts 6x6, perfect for my AC albums, and two "no brand" 8x8 packages. I do have some 8x8 albums but I´m not sure I will need moore page protectors in any of them, but you can always need some to make into other sizes, to fit in mini albums or something. I love a good sale!

I also bought a small package of cloth pins. I´d love to make something like this. Love the idee of making these small layouts that you can replace with something new every now and then. Have to take a look at my stuffed away things to see if I have a frame I can use or if I have to try to find one at some thrift store. Such a fun project!

And here´s my two finishing Christmas layouts. Sorry that the quality of the pictures are so bad.

I kept using the same old journaling tags and stickers. Nothing Christmasee at all here ether. I´m especially pleased with the last one, like the red and teal colour combination.

The Olympics is coming up soon and I really look forward to that. Maybe I can do some scarpbooking while spending all those hours in front of the tv...

Elias is going to a friends house tomorrow, half an hour away and I intend to stay there and make it a small vacation for my self and do all those things I never usually have the time for while there. Like visiting alotments, taking some photographs of the town and what ever I feel like. I will try to remember to take my little summer project, I might want to sit down and craft a little, who knows?

Well, lunch is asking to be done! Thanks for stopping by!

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