07 May 2012

Back in business and a great tip

After a long time of being to tired and stressed to be able to do any crafting I´m now busy making the pages for this album...

You can read about it in this post. It´s gonna be a present so I really can´t show it right now but I will as soon as the big day is gone. But I have to finish this one before I can do much else.

Instead of showing something scrapbooked I will give you a wonderful book tip. This lovely book came out just a few weeks ago.

I got it last week and read it in two days. Had a little conversation with Miss E about books and I told her that I´m totally hopeless when I´m reading, I can´t put the book down. I´m not like those who can read two chapters every night. If I like a book I just have to read it fast to now how it ends and if it´s not good enough to need to do that, then it´s not good enough for med to read, and Miss E totally ageed.

I found out about this book quite by chance, happened upon a trailer and thought it sounded great - and it was! So, so lovely. If you like Jane Austen this is a book for you. I´m gonna give you two links, to the trailer  and a fun rewiew.

Hope you like it!

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