18 June 2012

On my desk

I bought this lovely little cup in this lovely box a couple of weeks ago and they are now standing on my desk being beautyful. It´s roses on them but they look very much like pionies, which is one of my favorite flowers.

I have changed rooms with Miss E so that she could have a bigger room and I very much like my new room. Doing the change made me sort trough all my stuff and rethinking about what I need and that includes my scrapbooking stash. First I hade these practical plastic boxes with a lot of compartments, but then I whanted something cuter so I had a lot of small glass jars...

...but most of them are now emty and I´m back with my plastic boxes, which I by the way found in my raid among my things. Had totally forgotten about them. Things sure come and go in our lives, don´t they?

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