10 January 2012

Little things I like

Today school started again after the Christmas break, but my boy is still home, he had some rashes so I keep him home to see what will happen to them. The girls wasn´t that thrilled about going back to school...

One of my favorite flowers around Christmas is hyacinths. I read something from someone who does NOT like them and that person called them ugly and with a terrible smell! Isn´t it funny how different we see things. I had two hyacinths in the livingroom during Christmas, but they are gone now, but I bought two new ones and I have them in my craftroom and they spead this wonderful scent in the whole room and I absolutly love it!

 I´ve bought some films on sale lately and one I really liked is Letters to Juliet. I´ve already seen it a lot of times, that´s how I am with things I love. So this one I very much recommend. One of the others I only saw a bit of before I throw it away...

ER is now stating to be available on DVD too, but I don´t want to pay full price for it so I´ve been waiting and now I found the first season to a reduced price so I bought it and it will give me many hours of enjoyment. Especially since I´ve never seen say about the first half of the series.

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