10 January 2012

10 on the 10th

Inspired by Laura I have made a list of my 10 "simple" tools I use when I scrapbook.

1. Camera. I have a quite old, small camera, but it´s didgital and it works for me.

2. Computer. I share a computer with my children. For photos and inspiration.

3. Trimmer. It tock me years before I bought a trimmer, thought I could do without it and I could, of cause, but its much faster with it.

4. Sissors. All kinds.

5. Pens. Maybe not strictly a tool...? But the story is most important to me so they had to be there, right? And I always write by hand.

6. Punches. A big square and a couple of different circles.

7. Tweezers. So much easier to handle those small things with those than with your fingers.

8. Ruler. Especialy for minialbums and such things.

9. Stamps. Mostly smaller alphabet stamps.

10. Stapler. Both practical and decorative.

Good night, ladies!