12 January 2012


Almost a year ago our little cat died and first we didn´t intend to have a new one, but six month ago Kit-Kat became a member of our family. He came the Week-in-the-life week so he´s been documented there, but I also wanted to tell a little more about him.

Here´s the Welcome page...

I was so glad I had the tree sticker because the first day he was allowed outside he was so exited. After having sniffed around for awile he began running like crazy! Up one of the big trees, down again, over the lawn and up another tree and so on. It was so fun watching him.

This other layout is about his first meetings with the nabour cats.

They both thought that our yard was theirs so they were kind of bosy towards Kit-Kat. When they didn´t stop, but wanted to fight him all the time Miss I and I got quite angry with them and started to spray water on them... That helped for awile but they got the same lesson everytime they came back!

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