07 January 2012

The last

My two final pages for my Christmas album, Dec 31st and Jan 1st, and now it´s all packed away.

New Years Eve. It included a 3 hour drive to get to Mrs S and family, meeting my newest grandchild for the first time and going to a party in the evening. This window frame worked really well for all those different things. Isn´t that baby sticker adorable?! It´s almost as sweet as Little B!!

New Years Day. It was a Sunday and therefore churchday and the big event was the blessing of Little B. We don´t baptise children until they are eight years old, but they are given their name and a blessing as babies. This funny little stamp was perfect for this occation.

My thought with this album was that I should be able to have several years in it, those years when I didn´t feel up to making a page every day, but as it gets quite bulky it will only hold one more year.

Now I will order some more photos! See you!

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