30 November 2011

One guilt less

Being ten persons in our family there have been quite a lot of papers collected during our family´s almost 30 years and all these papers has been a guilty conscience for many years. But the last days I have been sorting all these things and that resulted in all these binders full of offical documents, drawings and you name it!

Now there is actually a chance that we might look at these, the chance of doing that when everything is just lying in a total mess in boxes is not that big. There is still one box full of cards and letters, which is not so easaly stored in binders. Found some really funny things, like the note someone wrote telling us that we were ruin there summer break when we asked them to clean there rooms... It´s such a lovely thing looking back at when the children where younger.

Among all these papers I also found these...

I got these when I was a child/youth. Someone has croched them and you where suppost to put them between the cup and the saucer when you where having a party. I never drank coffey befor I joined the church and after I have yet another reason not to drink it so these have never been used.

But someone has put in a lot of work making them and what does a scrapbooker think when she stands there with these lovely things in her hand...? They are perfekt for my albums, aren´t they, REAL doilies?! And they are specially perfect for a Christmas album don´t you think?! Be sure to see one or two of them there.

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