28 November 2011

My first page

I´ve done my first page for my Christmas album! It´s from yesterday, observing two things, that it was the first Sunday of Advent and that we at church had the yearly tradition that all the children where the ones singing and talking at the sacrament meeting. They were so wonderful and there was such a lovely spirit.


Rhona said...

Well done Monica, I've just been checking Shimelle's site to see what's going on. I like the way you've done this page - will you have a theme running through your album?

Monica said...

Thank you, Rhona! I´m not so good with themes... But there will probebly be more of both frames and green chipboard, and there will most likely also be more from the Swedish collection from wich the tag comes, so I guess that can be couted as a theme, but ther might also be pages quite different, youcan never now!

Anonymous said...

Great start on your JYC album. I can't wait to see more.