26 November 2011

Ready for Advent

I´ve just fixed the advent candles for tomorrow and this year it looks like this. Miss E just told me it looks nice, so that feel good.

These number plates I bought two years ago, after Christmas and last year when I should use them I couldn´t find them... And last December I bought a new Advent candleholder, for thin candles, which was so very nice and guess what, this year I can´t find that one...
Well, it´s the story of my life! But now I can enjoy these plates and hopefully during the next year I will find the candleholder so I can enjoy that next Advent. Life (and my own weaknesses) have tought me patience and that there will always be another time, and if there shouldn´t, well, I´ll survive anyway.

I do wish you all a most lovely Advent time and hope you will enjoy it and not kill yourselves by overdoing.

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