01 December 2011

Dec 1st

My page for today is already done, but I have to admit, I cheated, I started yesterday, I just couldn´t help myself!! The paper is one of those I precut and it´s a Websters pages´ that I´ve cut in four. Even though it is quite full as it is and also very beautyful, still you want to embellish it yourself and make it your own and I´m quite pleased with the way it turned out.

It tells about my wish list to myself for the Season, that I want joy and peace and people I love.

Maybe you want to see how my earlier page looks in the album.

Now I´ll dive into my textiles to try and find something nice for a simple baby quilt that I will make for a woman at church! Have a wonderful day!


Jinnag said...

Lovely pages - your album is going to bbe lovely. Hope you re emjoying class. J xx

Queenie said...

Beautiful..look forward to seeing more and good luck with the baby quilt.

Anonymous said...

Happy December! Looking forward to see more.