10 September 2011

Ten things today

It´s the 10th and time for another Ten Things. Shimelle writes about ten things she likes to photograf and that could be a thing... Or maybe just ten things I like right now... Yes, that´s it! So here we go!

Sharing a good laugh with my husband. And my children.

 The new front door my husband and son have been working hard to put in. We are very pleased with it. Just a little work left to do, mostly painting.

Our little town. It´s such a nice place and very beautyful. I love it!

The yellow flowers on my Jerusalem artichokes.

Wooden spools.

 Talking to my sweet daughters on the phone or through our blogs or Facebook. I´m glad we live in a time when it´s easy to communicate with those far away.

Being a grandmother. And becoming one again.

The internet.

 Watching sports on TV with my husband.

 My sweet girl who helps me with computer stuff (and laughs at me when I get so exited about learning something new...).

Now I´m off to watch some sport with the DH!

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Queenie said...

Great list,beautiful pictures and heartfelt!!